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Australia Post Shipping 2.0

We donated our Australia Post Shipping Module to the Lemonstand Market place a few years back now and since then, Australia Post have released a shiny new API –  Postage Assessment Calculator (PAC). So we thought it was time we redeveloped our humble little module that has helped out so many fellow Lemonstanders.

The API is packed with heaps of new features:

Updated Shipping Options

  • Regular Parcel
  • Prepaid Parcel
  • Post Plus 500g Satchel
  • Express Post Parcel
  • Express Post 500g Satchel
  • Express Post Platinum Parcel
  • Express Post Platinum 500g Satchel

International Shipping Options

  • Express Courier International Merchandise
  • Express Courier International Documents
  • Express Post International
  • Pack and Track International
  • Registered Post International
  • Air Mail
  • Sea Mail 

Plus some really cool insurance/cover options we are still working our way through. We have also written in some logic for how to treat multiple and oversize packages, something that was missing from the original release. The following new options can be configured through the admin:

Do not show this shipping type for oversize orders – When the order is too large to be sent using Australia Post, this shipping type will not be displayed. Use this when an alternative shipping service is available for larger items.

Attempt to group items within the allowed size – When the order is too large, the order items will be broken up and combined into more manageable packages. This is the most efficient way to ship orders using Australia Post alone.

Always divide items and ship them separately – If this option is selected, order items will always be broken up and sent individually. Multiple quantities of the same item will still be shipped in the same package.

Development of this module is underway as we speak and it should be ready very soon.  In the meantime, we would love to find out who is interested in the module and if you have any experience or feedback from our current module that you think may be helpful to version 2.


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