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Automated billing with eWay & Lemonstand

We have just released a new eWay payment gateway module into the Lemonstand eCommerce Marketplace. This great new module supports eWay’s Token payments method.

Token Payments (also known as Customer Profiles) allow your customers to store their credit card information with the eWay payment gateway and provide your Lemonstand store with a token to access that card data. This means your site never stores the credit card details. Instead you outsource this sensitive data to the gateway for enhanced security and PCI compliance. WIN!

Token payments encourage repeat business as it makes it easier for your customers to purchase from your site. They don’t need to bother with the tedious task of entering their payment details on each order. WIN WIN!

Combine Token Payments with Lemonstands Automated Billing System and subscription module and you can easily streamline the payment process for you subscription based clients. There is no need for you to manually create the orders/invoices and no need for your clients to manually pay for them each time the fall due. Just set and forget and let the money roll into your bank account automagically!  If only everything in life could be this simple!

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