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Failure to plan, plan to fail

What is required to plan, create and produce a new product or service? How about a successful product like your Apple iPhone or a TV advertisement?

The answer may depend on the company, resources, etc but generally we know if it’s going to be a success then yes, it’s going to take time and a range of skilled personnel. Behind any successful business endeavour there lies skills, knowledge, creativity and some might say some balls! You need the EQ and IQ to run the program; from strategic planning, market analysis, project management, technical capability assessments, etc. All the right components, working together through the planning, development and execution stages. Every person and every component, working cohesively to deliver an end product that see’s dividends for your business and for your customers.

The same process goes into how we build your website. We go through the exact same stages that you go through when devising and delivering a project or launching a new service. Because each website is a new product; it needs to deliver on all the requirements of the client (you), it needs to meet and exceed its business goals and it needs to totally define itself beyond its basic, primary functionalities. 

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