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A Foxy Update

December 2013 was the start of the crazy times and it has hardly slowed down since! In the middle of the month Lance and I completed a 40 week business accelerator course called Key Person of Influence which finished with a competition called "PitchFest". After pitching to our peers throughout the day, the top 10 as voted by the group were invited to pitch to a room of investors, business owners and a panel of three judges.

I have to be honest to say that I was pretty stoked to reach the top 10 (coming 5th during the day) having set that as my goal back in June. I wish I had of set my goal as finishing in the top three of the finals, however I was still very proud to come fourth by the judges marks. If you'd like to see my 4minute pitch; here is the video: Alanah's PitchFest Video

Over the Christmas break the team scattered around the world and Australia, however Lance and I stayed in Sydney to transform the new office space!



We are excited to now have a lightbox out the front, and new front door signage!

We are so super excited to now have a proper strategy and planning room; otherwise known as a Boardroom... but where no one gets bored!!! As part of that, we painted one of the walls with whiteboard paint and we are having heaps of fun and focus writing on the walls:

Sadly though, Stephen, our front end developer who has been with us about 2.5 years decided it was time to move back to the States, oddly enough to a place called Roswell - just not the alien one! We wished him and his lovely wife farewell at Dos Senoritas in Crows Nest, where for the first time ever he conquered the Mac Daddy Burro. A fitting end to his time in Crows Nest!  

We have been super lucky since to hire two French front end developers in Sydney (meet Julien and Max below) as well as having Stephen stay on to manage our Search services, so our team continues to grow! 

Thats the personal side of what's been happening at Redfox; stay tuned for an update on the work we've been producing as well!




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