Your Website is Out of Date - Responsive Web Design to the Rescue

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Your Website is Out of Date - Responsive Web Design to the Rescue

Fact:If your website doesn't work and look great on tablets and phones, it is out of date. 

Fact: There are least 67 million iPads sold and over 10 million Android tablets in the world.

Fact: 42% of mobile phone users have smartphones - that makes approximately 2 billion smartphones on earth.

Users expect websites to work as well on these devices as they do on their computers. More and more users are willing to fill out forms, perform actions, and even make purchases on their mobile devices. It's vital that you take advantage of this opportunity. It's a whole new potential market for any site.

Redfox Media offers responsive design as a service. That means we can design a new site or even reconfigure your existing site to work much better on mobiles. We'd love to help you explore the opportunity to increase your mobile user traffic and conversion. Just contact us and we'll talk it over with you!


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