After initial success with a HD camera and a Tumblr account, Chasing Cars made a decision to provide an online platform that would allow them to become a market leading, independent car review site.


To achieve the ambitious goals set out for this site, we would need to clearly define the target market and produce a site that was tailored to their needs. We identified two key user types: Car Enthusiasts and Car Buyers. Researching the competitive landscape, we identified that high quality video reviews where the main point of difference Chasing Cars could offer its viewers.


In a typically male dominated space, we needed to ensure the look and feel would be inclusive of female buyers, as we had identified this was a growing market. Content heavy, we knew we would need to keep the site clutter free, ensure the content was well organised and offer sophisticated, yet simple to use methods for the users to search, filter and find the information they were looking for. Video was going to play a major role in attracting and retaining readership, so we needed the video reviews to be the hero within the design.

Being a small team, Chasing Cars would need an effortless content publishing workflow, Wordpress was our weapon of choice and we set about creating highly customised post types that enabled simple input of review data and variables that would give the site a professional and consistent aesthetic.

The target market was technologically savvy and conducting research across multiple devices, so we focused on a responsive design that would work seamlessly and deliver the user with a consistent experience regardless of the device they were using to access the site.


Although there are plans to adapt the business model in the future, the current focus is to grow the readership which allows the site to be monetized via display advertising and advertorial. We settled on Google’s Double Click for Publishers as the Ad serving platform as it had simple Adsense integration, allowing remnant inventory to be monetized through the Google ad network.

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