Fit n Fast offers a market leading gym membership fitness solution. Unfortunately the website failed to accurately represent this. The site lacked clarity around the offering and provided a confusing user experience.


Using analytics and conversion tools we conducted in-depth analysis on the existing site so that we could identify who the user was, and how they were using the current site. This data enabled us to deliver an experience that ensured the membership products were clearly articulated and the call to action was compelling. We identified that 51% of traffic was coming from mobile so a responsive design that looked great across all device types was going to be a key element to the success of the site.


With 18 gyms nationally, we needed a way to orient the visitor to their preferred location and provide location specific content within a sitemap that was shared across all locations. Dynamic templates were produced that allowed content for each gym to be managed independently, including forms and workflows.

The website also needed to seamlessly integrate with the companies cloud based member management system, so extensive API work was required to populate the website with product information. Customers could then purchase and join online and their membership information is pushed back to the cloud.


Fit n Fast have a strong focus on conversion so the website needed to support multiple channels to draw customers in, whether that was via a direct “join now” call to action, a free trial, referral marketing or cart abandonment tactics. The original site had an established index and keyword rank, so we performed a detailed migration process to mitigate any decline in rank. This was backed up by extensive onsite optimisation, resulting in a substantial lift.

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