Forex Signals offers a market leading trade copier service, unfortunately the existing website offered a confusing user experience which was detrimental to conversion.


We started by identifying the user and analysing the current usage of the site. We used a combination of tools, including heatmap tracking so that we could develop a complete picture of the current situation. We identified the user was incredibly tech savvy, and whilst financial risk takers, they expected the site to demonstrate reliability, trustworthiness and provide a quality outcome.


We started work on creating organised information architecture, untangling the content and regrouping it by typology. We wanted to provide clear and easy user journeys for each of the personas we had developed; Users who knew nothing about forex trading, Users who were well versed in forex trading and wanted to find a quality place to trade their money; and traders who wanted to find a place to find new clients/followers.

With the sitemap and new architecture optimised, we moved on to design, our goal was to develop a professional design that established a sense of trust and security within the user groups, In turn, users would be more convinced that Forex Signals will provide a quality, reliable and trustworthy service.

We kept the colour palette simple and utilised a lot of white space. Lacking real photography, we utilised carefully selected stock images and applied a colour treatment that gave each image consistency and a customised feel.


An increase in paid subscribers was driving the entire redevelopment, with this in mind we focused on the user experience and removed the barriers to conversion. We provided the user with an easy path to purchase and included the right information at the right time.

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