STS Plumbing had three very clear requirements. 1. To increase the volume of enquiries delivered via the website. 2. To increase their position within organic search engine rankings, and 3. To differentiate and present STS Plumbing as the market leader for plumbing services between Chatswood and Mosman.


Working closely with STS Plumbing we identified the primary target market as predominately female; split between stay-at-home mums and professionals. Both shared the common traits of being time poor but valuing expertise and experience.

Our competitive analysis identified that the majority of plumbing websites in a very crowded and highly competitive marketplace, looked similar and shared similar attributes: stock images of water, plumbing, and plumbers.


Determined not to produce just another plumbers website, we wanted to create something that had personality and flair and was highly focused on connecting with the target market. We developed a 50’s housewife persona and used this to inspire both the imagery and tone of voice used throughout the site. We placed black and white images against a vibrant colour palette of blue and yellow and leveraged white space for clarity and impact.

Because the business operates from, and is specifically targeting Sydney’s North Shore, we emphasised the “local” aspect via clever verbiage.

The site was highly optimised for mobile, making it easy for users across all devices to quickly find what they needed and make contact with the business to obtain quotes and estimates.


Keyword Analysis and Onsite Search Engine Optimisation allowed us to develop a content strategy that not only provides the information the customers needs, but enables the site to rank highly for multiple high value keywords.

Organic Search traffic has been backed up with regular email marketing campaigns delivered via Foxymail, our powerful email marketing platform.

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