After a successful battle with breast cancer, Sally Obermeder, co-host of channel 7’s The Daily Edition, was inspired to start a website for women, that inspired inner-strength, health and happiness.


Swiish was a totally new idea for Sally, as such we were starting with a completely blank canvas. Our first step was to produce a brand mark that would support the ethos of the site “Stylish women inspiring inner Strength, health and happiness”. A rigorous creative process ensued, and the mark was born! 

Now we shifted our focus to the site itself, we worked closely with Sally to develop the sites content architecture in a way that was going to not only engage her followers, but allow the swiish team to easily deliver on the strict content publishing schedule Sally had envisioned for the site.


Sally was clear she did not want to produce “just another wordpress site”, Swiish needed to be a powerful blogging and content delivery platform that have it’s own unique personality. The design needed to appeal to her target market of women between 25 – 59 years. 

With an understanding of this market, we wanted to create an environment where the community could grow and engage. Social integration was going to be important, so we enabled multiple touch points on the site and opened up commenting which allowed users to participate in the discussions.


Not satisfied with users needing to come to the site to view content, Sally wanted to deliver the sites content direct to her followers. To achieve this we set up an RSS feed of her blog content, then connected this to foxymail, our powerful email marketing platform. A custom formatted template was designed that pulled in the top 5 latest blog posts directly from published content on the site. Next we created a recurring campaign with a weekly send schedule.  Voilà! Automated content delivery was launched.

Our next step was to assist Sally to develop publishing guidelines and documentation she could share with her team. A digital media kit was also produced to assist with the revenue model.

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