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Social Media News

Ever grown impatient waiting the 5-excruciatingly-long-seconds before you can skip a YouTube Ad? Well, you better get used to it because what was once a rare occurrence out of your leisurely YouTube viewing time, will now become more and more prevalent to video and banner display — especially on mobile.

The trends are pointing to a massive shift in online advertising from desktop to mobile. Online marketing research shows that by 2017 mobile ad revenue will overtake desktop. That is huge considering in 2010 only 2.1% of online advertising was spent on mobile whilst in 2013 this increased to a whopping 22.1%. Most of the advertising dollars are currently invested in search but video is a fast-growing format. Mobile advertising includes display which covers banners and sponsored Facebook and Twitter posts.

What does this mean? What were once reliable ad channels (email, classifieds, SMS, lead generation) are now stagnant in their reach or at least aren’t expected to grow. Mobiles and mobile devices are the ad platforms that are on the move and there really are no surprises there.

Some recent stats on the world’s leading video platform; YouTube report it currently uses the same amount of bandwidth of the entire internet did in the year 2000. It is available in 19 different countries and in 12 languages and YouTube is almost synonymous with TV now (another once reliable advertising channel). Amazing.

Continuing in the growth of social media empires, Twitter recently put down roots in Australia creating their local headquarters in Sydney with former Google executive Karen Stocks as Managing Director. Along with this came the Promoted Tweets feature, a welcome tool for businesses looking to expand their reach online.

So if you’re watching YouTube on your mobile or mobile device in between the ad breaks of X Factor on the telly, Tweeting and Facebooking at the same time (because Social TV is so much more fun than boring old normal TV) you’re a prime target for mobile advertising and those YouTube ads won’t go any faster before you can skip them!

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