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What is a Web Platform?

You might feel that you were just starting to understand what a Content Management System (CMS) is and what it means for your business, when there is yet another new concept to learn! Ever heard of a Web Platform? 

So what is a Web Platform?

A Web Platform is a very Web 2.0 concept that goes beyond simply editing your website through a CMS and delivers you a full online communications and management system. A Web Platform brings together many different tools all through the one login, it many include:

  • A customer relationship management (CRM) tool – allowing you to manage your customers and track potential sales
  • e-Communications – send out personalised, targeted graphical emails to drive traffic back to the site and increase customer engagement
  • Social Media integration 
  • The ability to sell your products online through an E-Commerce store
  • Links to your online accounting software
  • And of course, it still contains the CMS function so you can update and edit your website at your leisure! 

This is not the end of the list, a Web Platform can have many functions incorporated, all integrated under the single log in! System integration means productivity gains In other words instead of having to update data in multiple systems, all data sits in the one repository and funnels into the various data capabilities like sales records, email communications statistics, customer records and more. The greater the number of systems that can be integrated, the more productivity you gain.

And of course, this all available to you from any web enabled device; your phone, tablet, laptop or even TV. Have a chat to us about our Web Platform; Accomplished and lets see what efficiencies your business can achieve through a powerful online platform.

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